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Movement Medicine with Susan Creighton

MELT Method / RTR (Relief Through Rolling)
Are you hydrated from the inside out? MELT techniques improve structural alignment and overall ease of mobility, while rehydrating and lengthening connective tissues throughout the body. Using a soft foam roller and small balls for the hands and feet, learn simple self-care techniques that provide an opportunity to move, perform, and feel better. A proactive approach to a healthy, pain-free and active lifestyle, at any age or fitness level. Bonus: moves feel great!

Wellness Connects
Wellness Connects is a collective of wellness professionals who collaborate to support individual and community wellness through wellness modalities, cross-referrals to complementary practitioners, and awesome Wellness Connects programs for education, outreach, and community connection.WPN’s got talent - and heart! Follow us on Facebook for wellness tips, programs, and inspiration.

Move&Groove Community Dance
Music and movement are universal languages and connecting through dance is community medicine.

Cedar Sanctuary
Cedar Sanctuary is an Eastside Seattle oasis in Sammamish featuring wellness classes, workshops, and mini-retreats to rejuvinate body, soul, and spirit.

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