mOOve&grOOve at the Y!

Move&Groove at the Bellevue Y

Move&Groove Mondays @ 6:45-7:45pm
The last session for this series at the Y was October 31st, 2016.
Bellevue Y: 14230 Bel Red Road, Bellevue, WA

We were born in motion and we came to dance. Part of us has always known how to dance, and every body is a dancer. What if we danced as if we shared the same senses and our feet were planted upon the same earth?

When we come together and dance to the same rhythms, we rewire neural pathways, release stuck stress, become more who we were meant to be, and connect through a universal language that transcends words. Your dance. Our dance. 

Move&Groove is a dance playground. Freestyle movement, dimmed lights, eclectic music, and an awesome supportive community. All are welcome and no dance experience needed.

We were born to dance / Your brain loves dance Dancing makes you feel better!

•  Dress to move easily (comfy shoes, socks or barefoot).
•  Arrive a few minutes early to park and check-in.
•  This is not a performance. Have fun! (Be yourself; everybody else is already taken. -Oscar Wilde)

- Your participation supports Y community programs for Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. The Bellevue Family Y proudly serves a diverse and expanding population. Programs are designed to engage youth, families and adults, aiming to encourage growth and well-being in mind, body and spirit. 
- The Y is dedicated to today's youth. All kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve.
- The Y brings families closer together, encourages good health and fosters connections through fitness, sports, fun and shared interests.     
- The Y listens and responds to our region’s most critical social needs through education and training in neighborhoods, connecting diverse demographic populations and building healthier communities.

The Y is Community. Dance with us!

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