Tips For Happy Feet!

Happy Feet Duck

We've all experienced foot pain, whether from too-much-dancing (yes, there is such a thing!), running, uncomfortable footwear, or some other culprit.

Happy and grounded feet are key to a happy, well-aligned body. Even if you have only a few minutes, a mini MELT Foot Treatment is like dessert for your feet! MELT your footsies on your own any time. In a waiting room? Sure! Under your desk? You bet. At a family gathering? Hmm...

Remember, you can keep a tennis ball at your desk and just do Friction (pictured below). Move the ball lightly under your foot in a scribble-scrabble motion for 20 secs on each side.

MELT Friction Diagram

Just a quick mini session can stimulate the connective tissue, sensory nerves, and lymphatic system in your feet.

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