Tips For a Clear Head

Face cookie

Not just for headaches!

 Drink small amounts of water throughout the day to optimize connective tissue hydration.

 Pause occasionally and breathe deeply into entire core, filling your midsection (not just lifting your shoulders).

 Do a Mini MELT Hand Treatment in the afternoon to relieve effects of repetitive stress movements.

 Try a MELT Knuckle Decompression. (Squeeze the small soft ball between finger webbings 4-8x.)

 Rub peppermint essential oil into spots along the neck, base of skull, temples.

 Watch your diet; note your intake of sugar, caffeine, MSG, Aspartame, and cheese. (Aye, cheese!)

 Do the MELT Rebalance Sequence before bed to calm the nervous system and improve your sleep cycle.

 Allow, don't push. MELT into softening, into embracing the underlying "Yes".

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