The Desk Sentence: Too-Much-Sitting

X-ray photo of person seated with Forward Head Carriage

Is this you? 5 Tips To Avoid The Desk Sentence:

1) Get up and move. Walk, stretch, dance, every half-hour. Connective tissue (fascia) adapts to the posture of prolonged sitting and staring at a computer screen, and this posture can become our new 'normal’ - even after we get up!

2Sip water. Yep, every half-hour.
Drinking water consistently throughout the day is more effective at improving cellular hydration than occasionally jugging down large amounts of water.

3Look out a window into the distance, or across the room.
Staring at a computer screen within a narrow range of vision can contribute to both neck pain and short-sightedness.

> Simple exercises to reduce eye strain

Massage the bottom of your feet to hydrate your plantar fascia. Keep a tennis ball or large soft MELT ball under your desk for this purpose.

MELT your hands!

Mini MELT Hand Treatment

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