MELT For Athletes

Jamie Anderson-X-Games-Aspen-2013

MELT for Athletic Performance?

Jamie Anderson, a four-time x-Games champion and Olympic gold medalist for slopestyle snowboarding, uses MELT Method techniques as part of her self-care program.

“I broke my foot a few years ago and I think MELT really has helped break down scar tissue and bring a lot of fluidity and energy to the small bones and muscles you don’t typically get to,” she says. “Now I am using the hand method more to release tension and stress in my shoulder area as I recently broke my collarbone. I’m thankful to learn more all the time about new ways to feel healthier and stronger.” - JA

Athletes place a great amount of stress on their bodies and are motivated to incorporate modalities that help relieve stress, keep them in optimal shape and provide a competitive edge. Restoring the hydration of connective tissue allows for more precise movement and reduced injury. Tool assited manual therapy is beneficial both pre and post-workout.

MELT before strength training to hydrate connective tissue and improve muscle performanc, and after cardio workouts to decrease joint compression and stiffness. 

Not an athlete? All movers benefit from moving with more ease, grace, and flow. As a dancer, MELT has improved my overall mobility, stability, agility, and movement fun-factor.

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Sports Illustrated features MELT For Runners

Running or walking with improved hip stability creates more efficient movement. Whether you're looking to enhance athletic performance, or recovering from injury or overuse, increased stability and reduced stuck-stress allows for more graceful and easy movement.

"Densification: this is caused by repetitive movements and postures causing an increase density modifying the mechanical properties and performance of fascia but doesn’t necessarily alter the general structure. Densification is truly a lack of fluid flow in fascia or what we call in MELT, stuck stress. Cellular dehydration is a natural cellular process occurring to everyone, everyday, regardless of age, activity, or nutritional habits. MELT reduces this thickening and can reverse the effect if you just restore the fluid flow of this tissue daily. Good news, it takes all of 10 minutes a day to keep this tissue in a better state than training alone.

From recreational athletes to CrossFit junkies, we can all benefit from a regular MELT practice.

Video (Sue Hitzmann)MELT Pre-run or Workout

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Video (Sports Illustrated)MELT for Runners

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