Rachael Ray: Getting your beach-body ready with 3 Easy Steps? (Nope)

MELT on The Rachael Ray Show

Susanism: to get your body beach-ready, put on a swimsuit!

MELT made a return visit to The Rachael Ray Show when MELT founder Sue Hitzmann presented
Get Ready for Summer (by abolishing cellulite, tightening up the neck, and improving posture.)

Susanism: I get ready for summer by enjoying Spring.

Still, this information can be interesting, and the healing goes so much deeper. 
Hitzmann explains that the appearance of cellulite can be due to postures like sitting for long periods of time.

When we pull or compress on connective tissue with too-much-sitting, connective tissue becomes dehydrated. Dehydration pulls on the collagen in connective tissue, creating the appearance of cellulite. Collagen needs fluidity in the connective tissue to remain stable. Even after weight loss, if collagen is still dehydrated, there may remain the appearance of cellulite.

(Consuming too much fat in our diets can cause excess fat to be stored in our bodies, which can also damage collagen in the connective tissue.)

The Good News: you can practice MELT techniques to rehydrate connective tissue and restore collagen health.

Yes, you can learn how to stimulate the cells that produce collagen in your skin and restore natural hydration from the inside out. 

More importantly, you will learn how to improve alignment, joint mobility, stability, and balance, while reducing stuck-stress throughout your body.

Treat yourself to self-care.


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