Planning a Summer Road Trip?

Kuma & Susan taking a road trip!

Tips for Behind-The-Wheel-itis

Whether you're hitting the road this summer or just driving here-and-there…

1) MELT your hands and forearms before you leave, after your drive, or even on your thigh during rests!

> MELT Forearm Techniques

2) Take stretch breaks and gently, maintaining your alignment, twist your spine side-to-side.(Dance at the rest-stop or parking lot!)

3) Wiggle around in your seat at stoplights. (Sound effects optional.)

4) Don't slump or extend your head forward.

5) Press your head gently into the headrest at stops. Slide your head backwards while maintaining alignment. Don't tuck or tilt your chin.

6) Use both hands and don't grip the steering wheel too tightly.

7) Keep your hips and knees straight, and extend your left leg.

What about the mechanics of your car's seat, headrest, and steering wheel?

Are they properly adjusted for your body? The folks at Soma Pilates shared a great blog about the mechanics of adjusting your car's seat, headrest, and steering wheel:

> Baby, You Can Drive My Car – 5 Tips for Comfortable Driving

Now, hit the road and happy travels! (P.S. Don’t forget your giraffe.)      1.425.298.6428      sitemap      MELTisms       Facebook       © Susan Creighton 2016