MELT Away Cellulite?

MELT Away Cellulite Segment on the Marilyn Denis Show

DId you know that cellulite can be a connective tissue issue?
(Say "tissue-issue" 5 times quickly!)

Why is addressing cellulite important? Because the appearance of cellulite may be an indication of Sitting-Too-Much. Get up for a break, and move!

Sitting-Too-Much creates compression and loss of tissue glidability in the areas where our lower body meets the seat. When we rehydrate connective tissue in these areas, we increase glidability and prevent (or decrease) the appearance of cellulite.

How do we rehydrate connective tissue?

Using a soft foam roller, we perform techniques that stimulate connective tissue and increase fluidity. This also helps to decrease the lumpy appearance on the skin’s surface.

While you're at it, notice how you feel


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