Who Benefits From MELT?

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Every body!

Whether you are experiencing aches and pain or an active person looking to maintain fitness and achieve optimal performance, MELT is for any body at any age.

How does MELT work?

Our bodies experience tension from the stresses of daily living. Physical stressors (exercise, injuries, repetitive-stress, too-much-sitting) combined with emotional, mental, and environmental stressors, create what MELT founder Sue Hitzmann calls stuck-stress. In response, our body – in particular the connective tissue that supports and stabilizes every structure of our body – tightens up, becomes dehydrated, and loses glidability.

This stuck-stress doesn’t have to slow us down. With MELT, we apply simple self-care techniques to rehydrate the connective tissue system, rebalance the nervous system, and release unnecessary tension. 

When we take good care of this three-dimensional body-suit that surrounds every joint, muscle, nerve, bone, and organ in our bodies, we function at a more optimal level. We become un-stuck. And our bodies say Thank you!

Who wouldn’t want to do that?

As MELT founder Sue Hitzmann says, “MELT meets everybody wherever they're at…"


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MELT. It does a body good!

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