Is Sitting The New Smoking?

Is sitting the new smoking?

How many hours do you sit in a chair every day?

How do you think that position change your body dynamics, range of motion, and posture?

Even if you exercise regularly, studies show that extended periods of sitting are associated with an increased likelihood of chronic disease, cardiovascular problems, increased waist circumference, and high cholesterol. Not to mention, short hip flexors and hamstrings!

Our body adapts to the load we place on it. If we remain in a single position for extended periods of time, our body adapts to that position and shortens the tissues where appropriate.

Now think of the posture of sitting for many hours a day.

The muscles of sitting are chronically shortened, which changes the way our body functions
"Our natural alignment is changed, muscle recruitment is altered, and the body as a whole starts to experience more wear and tear."(Stacey Pine, Progressive Motion).

So, what's the fix?

• Take breaks to get up and move (Ideally, every half-hour) 

• Use an ergonomically correct chair

• Invest in a standing desk

• Go for a lunchtime walk, dance, or shimmy (sounds effects optiona)


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