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> Rebalancing Sequence

> MIni Hand & Foot Technique Sequences

> Got a high-heels hangover? Tips for happy feet. (mini-foot treatment & bunion reducer band)

 Scar Therapy

>  Baby, it’s cold outside! (8 MELT Moves for shrugging or tensing shoulders)

>  Humans and Chairs: A Love Story (Tips for Sitting)

 Tips For Happy Feet

 MELT for Athletes: Sports Illustrated featuring SI Joint Shear/Bent Knee Press

 Tips for a Clear Head: Mini Hand Treatment

>  Oncology and FasciaHarvard Medical School event

>  Clinical Trial: Effect of MELT on Thoracolumbar Connective Tissue

>  What’s the Science of MELT?

>  The Desk Sentence / Too-Much-Sitting: Mini-Hand Treatment

>  MELT: 5 Feel-Great Roller Moves

>  Summer Love for Your Feet: The Flip Flop Fix! Mini-Foot Treatment

>  Planning a Summer Road Trip? Forearm Technique

>  Healing can be a process and a wise teacher

>  8 Tips to get the most out of your MELT Practice

>  Back Pain: The Plan to Heal Back Pain, with Dr. Oz

>  Is Sitting The New Smoking?

>  Cellulite Blast with Rachael Ray: Back Of Thigh Shear

>  MELT for Physical Therapists2015 Fascial Summit, Munich, Germany

>  New Way of Relieving PainABC Nightline News

>  Emotional Stress: Can it lead to pain or dysfuntion?

>  Roll Away The Pain, CBS News

>  Depression: Can Inflammation Cause or Increase Depression?

>  Rolling and Flexing to Massage Away Pain and Stress, NY Times

>  Ready to Sleep Better?

>  Forward Head Posture (Part 2)

>  How Heavy Is Your Head? (Forward Head Posture: Part 1)

>  How is your body like an orange?

>  MELT for Athletes: The Top 5 Ways Fascia Matters to Athletes

>  Who Benefits From MELT?

>  Detox/Anti-inflammatory Water Recipe

>  Plantar Fasciitis: Sometimes the area of pain is not the culprit

>  Water: Are You Drinking Enough?

>  Roll Away The FatThe Marilyn Denis Show

>  Common Rolling Mistakes

>  MELT Your Pain Away with Dr. Oz: Gentle Rocking, Tuck & Tilt

>  Neck Release Sequence

>  Connective Tissue Magnified x25

>  MELT on The Rachael Ray Show: 50-Second Facelift/5-Minute Facelift

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