Humans and Chairs: A Love Story (Tips for Sitting)

Sitting Posture Benefits: Happier, Confident, Riskier

Are you crossing your legs, slumped in your chair, or reaching your head forward as you read this?

What about sitting with your legs crossed at the knee? Sitting cross-legged can put pressure on the peroneal nerve (back of knee) and temporarily impair sensation in lower legs and feet. It can also put your hips in a torqued position leading to pelvic rotation, increased spinal pressure, and subsequent neck or back pain.

I've written several MELTisms about Forward Head Posture, Too Much Sitting, and Sitting As The New Smoking.

Did you know that good posture can also make you happier, more confident, and more willing to take risks? Today's fun and informative share is specific to sitting in a chair posture:

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