How is your body like an orange?


Imagine what it looks and feels like when you peel an orange and see individually wrapped wedges of juice. We’re like that, too!

Our connective tissue system is a 3-dimensional web that surrounds, supports, and stabilizes every structure in our bodies, like an orange peel (or the skin of an orange's individual wedges). 

Imagine that orange after it has been peeled and the skin surrounding individual wedges  becomes dry and brittle. In this same way, our connective tissue becomes dehydrated, decreasing glidability of our muscles. 

When connective tissue loses glidability, it can form adhesions, or thickenings of muscle fibersIn the MELT world, we refer to these areas of connective tissue dehydration as stuck-stressCompression and pulling in these areas can then lead to pain.

Fascia is a fluid-based system, and whether you are an athlete or not, MELT helps to rehydrate and restore optimal mobility and stability.

In a nutshell, MELT increases collagen production, stimulates local connective tissue cells to yield a fluid exchange, rehydrates areas of dehydration, and addresses common imbalances from stuck-stress.

Ahhh, and it feels so good!


Brooke Thomas describes it well here: The Top 5 Ways Fascia Matters to Athletes
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