How Heavy Is Your Head? (Forward Head Posture: Part 1)

FW Head Carriage - Version 2

Are you leaning your head forward as you read this?

The average human head weighs about 10 pounds. Daily habits like reading, typing, driving, and watching TV, can create Forward Head Posture,  which greatly increases the load on your spine and upper back. We know that everything's connected, so where do you think discomfort might show up in the body? Click here for a description of potential Forward Head Posture issues (Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute).

Some great exercises you can try right now:

 MELT Method Neck Release Sequence (use a soft roller)

 Forward Head Posture CorrectionDr. Paula Moore

Want more?

 Forward Head Posture: MELTisms, Part 2

 Forward Head Posture: The SCM and the Trapezius Muscles, Jonathan FitzGordon

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