Emotional Stress: can it contribute to pain or dysfunction?

We may experience pain and discomfort from sources that are obvious (injury, illness), subtle (repetitive use, too-much-sitting), or even indirect (emotional stress, fatigue).

Our bodies become maps for all our stories, and our physical well-being depends in part on caring for our emotional health. We may experience stuck-stress from stories of happiness, pleasure, love, fear, anger, shame, burden, sadness, or resentment. Where do you sense emotional stress in your body?

Movement is medicine. Get moving! Consider the last time you danced, exercised, walked in nature, got a massage, talked with a friend, or had a good laugh. I believe that play is the antidote to life's Sometimes-Somewhat-Seriousness. Treat yourself to play today.


Sources of Pain in the Body Tied to Emotional States

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Diagram of: Emotional Energy Center of the Body

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