Baby, it’s cold outside!

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How's Your Winter Posture?

Are you holding your arms close to your body or shrugging your shoulders to stay warm?

We really can't complain about the cold in Washington, but it's still shrug-worthy! And it’s not just cold weather; we sometimes unconsciously shrug when tense, or tired, or stressed, and shrugging can pinch the nerves along the neck that continue under the collar bones and down our arms. Shrugging in this area can decrease circulation all the way down the arms and to our hands. Relax your shoulders and shake out your arms and hands!

Here's a link to MELT moves for the hands, shoulders, upper back, calves: 
(If you don't have a soft MELT roller, you can drape a yoga mat over a conventional firm foam roller or roll up a few large towels. The first three moves use a MELT Techniques ball, but you can use any small soft ball.)

8 Moves That Get Rid of Winter Aches and Pains
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