Water: Are You Drinking Enough?

We are born at approximately 90% water. As adults, we are lucky to experience 60-70% hydration. Some believe that aging is largely a process of drying-out. 

Why is hydration important?

Reasons to drink water

Add to the list:

Water helps regulate body temperature. When we’re adequately hydrated, water traps heat and slowly releases it, keeping body temperature within comfortable parameters. With less water, your body is more sensitive to low temperatures.

> Dr Mercola: What Happens to Your Body When You’re Dehydrated

How much water should you drink?

Your weight, divided in half = the number of ounces per day. Of course, we need to add more when exercising or in warm climates.

Daily Water Intake

So, we should drink more water, right?

Some of us have had the expeience of water going right through us and not being absorbed at a connective tissue level. How do we correct connective tissue dehydration?

MELT, while gradually increasing water intake.

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