Healing can be a wise teacher: Acceptance (and Non-acceptance)

Spilled milk

We talk a lot about healing this-and-that.

What about when the healing doesn't happen in the timeframe we've allotted, appears incomplete, or is seemingly not happening at all?

Whether healing our bodies, relationships, or something else, often what’s required is acceptance, understanding; perhaps even embracing things as they are in the current moment. This doesn't mean defeat or accepting the status quo and giving up.

When I pause to consider what each perceived challenge or imperfection may have to teach me, peace can be found in the seeming chaos of the moment.

When I remember to be present during those most challenging moments, I sense an opportunity to observe, examine, and contemplate the beauty of now, as-is, and to consider the potential healing in each step. I know that I will grow from the experience.

If nothing else, my own discomforts and perceived imperfections teach me about patience, self-compassion, and often much more. Healing can be a process, and a wise teacher.

Breathe into uncomfortable sensations; give them dignity.
Honour them rather than closing off to them, starving them of warmth.
On the in-breath, imagine or feel your breath moving into the neglected and tender area, infusing it with life and love.
Fill the uncomfortable area in your body with oxygen, warmth and dignity.
Assume that even discomfort holds intelligence; that it’s not ‘against’ you.
Know that true joy is not the  absence or opposite of sadness or pain, but the willingness to embrace it all
. - Jeff Foster

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