New Way of Relieving Pain, ABC Nightline News

Nightline ABC: MELT Method Featured

Nightline News featured MELT founder Sue Hitzmann working with Marisa Merliss, a dancer and fitness model who experienced chronic knee and hip pain. It's a powerful and moving story.

After seven surgeries, and for several years, Merliss tried a number of therapies, with little relief. After just one class and a private MELT session, Merliss reported that she started to feel a difference. A few months later, Merliss reports that the techniques have been MELTing away years of chronic pain. Yes, MELT moves people!

Hitzmann reports, "Connective tissue is like flexible scaffolding under your skin. It’s where all the collagen is produced in the body, and it plays major roles in everything, from keeping your skin lifted, to giving joint shock absorption, to giving muscles balance."

Hitzmann also notes that MELT works by stimulating connective tissue and activating pressure points, which can then reduce aches, pain, and stiffness. She says, "If you compress or pull on connective tissue for short periods of time in very specific ways, you can re-hydrate it. That is one of the key parts of MELT, how to juice back up the tissue, how to stimulate it and organize it.”


> Watch the Nightline segment here
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