8 Tips to Get the Most out of Your MELT Practice!

Smiling MELT roller!

Does your roller smile? Here are 8 tips to enhance your roller’s smile-factor:

1) Drink lots of water, before and after MELT.

2) All gain, no pain. No part of MELT should ever hurt.

3) Apply consistent tolerable pressure - with the balls and the roller.

4) Use your breath as a guide, and move slowly. Meditation-in-motion.

5) Stop if you feel discomfort or pain. Ease back pressure, or try again later.

6) Begin indirectly from areas of pain. Back pain? Start with your feet!

7) MELT for at least 10 minutes 3 times weekly, no more than 10 minutes on each mass (spine, head, ribcage, pelvis).

8) Sounds effects are good! Ahhhh…

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