5 Feel-Great MELT Moves

MELT Move: Bent Knee Press

As we MELT, we always begin indirectly from areas where we sense pain. Tenderness or achiness in the area is okay; pain is not. Why? We don't cause pain to decrease pain.

For example, just last week I broke a bone in my left foot. 

(I was paragliding over a field of lions, when I got a little too low and one caught my shoelace and flung me toward a pool of sharks. A shark then grabbed my other shoelace and flipped me onto a grass knoll. Fortunately, I was completely un-hurt! Unfortunately, when I got home I stubbed my toe on my desk chair so hard that I broke a bone.)

I will not MELT close to the break until the area is not painful, but in the meantime, I've been MELTing my calves, thighs, upper back, hands, arms, the other foot, etc.

Be alert to sensing that line between discomfort and pain. (No pain!)

Do an Assessment at the beginning of your session to check-in with where you are sensing stuck-stress and Reassess at the end to track your improvements. Assess and Reassess heightens our body-sense (proprioception) and teaches us which moves or sequences are most effective for our body.

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Back of Thigh Shear
: improves hydration on the back of leg as it helps reduce knee and hip pain (and cellulite!)

SI (Sacroiliac) Joint Shear: improves SI joint hydration, prepares the body for Bent Knee Press, helps relieve pelvic and low back pain

Bent Knee Press: improves hydration on the front of the thigh; helps reduce hip, knee, and low back pain

Single Arm Reach & Gentle Rocking: improves balance and the connection to our center of gravity, while helping to restore shoulder joint hydration and mobility

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