Subundance: MELT Method Class

 Private Session
Tailored to your needs. $75 per hour / 4-hour Package: $200 (1-4 sessions to learn or review all basic moves included in the book, plus a few extras.). 

Contact Susan to schedule your private or group session at my Sammamish studio

 Semi-Private Session
$50 per-person (minimum 2 people). Package pricing available.

Workshop: $35-$40 per-person  (1.5-2 hours). Location varies.

 Group Workshop/Party
$200: 2 hour workshop for up to 6 people at my Sammamish studio or your venue (larger group pricing available)

 Group Event/Party
Want a unique birthday party or team event? Rates vary depending on number of participants and venue. Group Series also available.

Sliding Scale: There’s always a way to make MELT self-care fit into your budget, and scholarships are available.

Bring MELT to your event, studio, corporate wellness program or party!

(Package discounts available at sessions with Susan)

MELT Method Hand & Foot Techniques equipment

MELT Hand & Foot Techniques Kit$49.99, plus tax

Includes 8 MELT Treatment Balls (2 of each size), 1 bunion reducer band, illustrated guide, and travel case.
Materials are latex-free, phthalate-free, and free of toxic chemicals and dyes.

Subundance: MELT Method Roller

• MELT Roller$69.99 (plus tax)
(36 inches wide and 5 inches diameterLatex/phthalate-free. Backed by a one-year warranty.)

Does your roller make you smile? The MELT Roller is significantly softer than traditional rollers, creating a compression that is ideal for rehydrating connective tissue, the flexible support structure of your body. The unique cross-linked memory foam construction allows you to make significant immediate changes and create remarkable lasting results.
Includes Roller Techniques Handouts when purchased locally.

(36 inches wide and 5 inches diameterLatex/phthalate-free. Backed by a one-year warranty.)

Note: the OPTP roller paired with MELT equipment on Amazon is a bit denser and 1-inch wider in circumference.

MELT Performance r(half) oller

• MELT Performance (half) Roller$39.99 (plus tax)
(16 inches length and 5 inches diameterLatex/phthalate-free. Backed by a one-year warranty.)

The MELT Performance Roller is a compact size and perfect for travel or carrying in your gym bag. Texturized for ideal grip and precision and weight tested to support 450 pounds.

MELT Method instruction DVD (includes roller techniques)

MELT DVD Roller Techniques$29.99 (plus tax)

Includes 3 discs of step-by-step MELT roller technique tutorials (over 4 hours), 8 mix-and-match sequences, plus 3 full classes that you can view at home. Also includes a 16-page illustrated Getting Started Guide to help make MELT part of your self-care program.

MELT Hand & Foot Techniques DVD

MELT Hand & Foot Techniques DVD$19.99 (plus tax)

Includes 2 DVDs featuring MELT Method founder Sue Hitzmann demonstrating hand and foot techniques using small MELT balls. Features 8 individualized treatments (nearly 2.5 hours), plus a 16-page illustrated Getting Started Guide.

MELT Method book

The MELT MethodA Breakthrough Self-Treatment System to Eliminate Chronic Pain, Erase the Signs of Aging, and Feel Fantastic in just 10 Minutes a Day! -Sue Hitzmann; HarperCollins Publishers, 2013 New York Times Bestseller List

$19.99 (plus tax)  Free Link: Download first chapter here

MELT Super Bundle

• The Works: $150 (plus tax)

MELT Roller, Double Hand & Foot Techniques Kit, both DVD sets, plus the book. 

Note: You can purchase the MELT Bundle online for $168.99 (includes shipping to Seattle area). Additional equipment packages available at all SUbundance Wellness programs.

MELT Resistance-Band

MELT Resistance Band$14.95 (plus tax)
Unique latex-free resistance bands designed for MELT NeuroStrength Techniques. Approx. 5 1/2" wide and 78” long.

Relief Through Rolling DVD2

• RTR (Relief Through Rolling) DVD$24.99 (plus tax)

Everyday activities cause changes in the nervous and fascial systems, which affects overall alignment and how our bodies move. Designed by Advanced Structural Integrator Kevin Lucas, RTR (Relief Through Rolling) creates structural changes to bring the body closer to ideal alignment as we lengthen myofascial tissues that determine the positioning of our muscles, nerves, bones, and organs. The techniques offer relief from aches, tightness, pain, and greater overall ease of movement. The RTR step-by-step DVD includes standing and seated modifications.


MELT simply helps people to move, perform, and feel better.

Using a soft foam roller and little balls for the hands and feet, these easy self-care techniques release tension and stuck-stress, support fascial lengthening and rehydration, rebalance the nervous system, decompress joints, and improve overall alignment and movement.

Whether you’re a dancer, an athlete, or someone simply looking to move with greater ease, MELT is complimentary to any wellness program, and a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.  Bonus: MELT feels awesome!

The Art and Science of Self-Care™

  Improve mobility, flexibility, balance, stability and alignment
•  Enhance proprioception (Body Sense)
  Reduce aches, stiffness, pain, tension - as described by Sue Hitzmann here
•  Improve athletic performance and reduce recovery time.
  Stimulate collagen production - MELT 50-Second Facelift here
  Support physical therapy or bodywork treatments
  Improve sleep cycle

Happy sleeping MELTer

What is the science behind MELT?

MELT techniques stimulate and rehydrate local regions of the connective tissue system (fascia) to affect the body globally. This light-touch therapy helps the body release physical tension and stuck-stress, rebalance the nervous system (fascia is densly populated with nerve endings), and facilitate the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Connective tissue (fascia) was largely ignored in medical studies until 2007, when the first International Fascia Research Conference met at Harvard Medical school.

Working with our connective tissue is critical to our well-being (the three-dimensional fiber and fluid-based web that surrounds, supports, and stabilizes every structure in the body, including our organs, muscles, bones, and nerve fibers). It's the stuff that holds us together!

“Understanding fascia is essential to the dance between stability and movement - crucial in high performance, central in recovery from injury and disability, and ever-present in our daily life from our embryological beginnings to the last breath.” - Tom Myers

Video: Faszien: What is Fascia? (beautiful/graphic)

(Connective tissue x25)

What else does our Connective Tissue System do for us?

•  Maintain an upright stance
•  Hold organs in their proper position
•  Disperse external force throughout body with an elastic spring-like quality
•  Provide a gel-like matrix allowing muscles and organs to easily glide with contact
•  Prevent or minimize localized stress on the structures it supports

Sound like a vital body system?  It's also our largest sensory organ. Housing 6-10x more nerve endings than muscles; connective tissue is fundamental to our sense of proprioception (knowing where we are in space), which leads to easy, graceful movement.

Are you hydrated from the inside out?

The Challenge

Our  body’s mobility, integrity, and resilience are largely determined by keeping our connective tissue system well-hydrated.

Whether we sit-too-much, engage in repetitive-use hobbies or professions, train for sports, or recover from injury, the movements and postures from daily living cause stress and dehydration in the connective tissue system. This can then lead to adhesions, thickenings of muscle fibers, or loss of glidability. As we move, compression and pulling at adhesions or areas of stuck-stress result in discomfort or pain.

Connective tissue responds favorably to gentle and brief compression and lengthening techniques.
Using consistent and tolerable pressure, 
MELT techniques:

  Stimulate connective tissue cells to yield a fluid exchange, rehydrate areas of dehydration, restore fascial elasticity (improves glidability of muscles)

  Release joint compression (which may cause chronic pain, inflammation, discomfort)

  Rebalance and de-stress the nervous system

  Address common alignment imbalances to help promote healing


Has MELT been reviewed by experts?

MELT has been reviewed internationally by doctors, neuroscientists, and connective tissue researchers, including Ben Domb, M.D.; Tom Myers; Gil Hedley, Ph.D.; Roberts Schlep, Ph.D; and Jean Pierre Barral, D.O., who recognize MELT as grounded in scientific principles and offering great potential for healing.

November 2014: the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved a year-long initiative to study the short-term and long-term benefits of MELT at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

… and the results are in!

September 2015: Faria Sanjana presented MELT's research paper Effect Of Melt Method On Thoracolumbar Connective Tissue at the 4th Annual Fascia Congress in Washington DC. This clinical research concluded that MELT significantly reduces non-specific chronic low back pain, decreases connective tissue thickness, and increases flexibility. More info here.

(For me, the true value of MELT is expressed in the personal results achieved. While the science of MELT is extremely important - and fascianating - what really gets my attention is the results that I and so many others have achieved with this practice.)

Some people are worth MELTing for!
(Some people are worth MELTing for!)

Who benefits From MELT?

If you’re interested in preventing or healing from injury or improving athletic performance, MELT is for youMELT is an effective complement to your current wellness program, and appropriate for all fitness levels. How much would you pay for a great massage? MELT's hands-off-bodywork is similar to getting a great therapeutic massage. Treat yourself to self-care.

How often should I MELT?

To experience long-lasting benefits, MELT for a minimum 10-15 minutes, 3x weekly (max 60 minutes). MELT before strength training to hydrate connective tissue and improve muscle performance and after cardio workouts to decrease joint compression and stiffness. I MELT daily!

MELT Resistance Band

MELT NeuroStrength?

Advanced-level MELT NeuroStrength Techniques help reduce compensatory patterns of movement as we increase range of motion and improve functional stability in the shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle, and core.

An example of a compensatory pattern would be the way our body moves to support an injured body part, but then doesn’t stop that compensatory pattern of movement after the injury has healed.

As we repattern movement from a more functionally stable base, our bodies become more functionally mobile. Stability precedes force production, so we can then move with more ease, grace and flow.

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Here’s what folks are saying about my MELT Sessions...

This was the best hour and a half that I have spent in a long time. Susan is well informed, professional and very enthusiastic about teaching the MELT Method Intro to Hand and Foot Techniques. Her class presentation was energized, well organized and her sense of humor made for an awesome event. I am looking forward to taking her MELT Roller class! -DL

I do the foot exercises from time to time and it has helped to strengthen and release the muscles in my feet which immensely helped my yoga practice. -MT

I took the hand and foot workshop with you a few weeks ago, and my feet have not hurt since then! I've been practicing the MELT techniques every other day since the class. It's hard to believe that has taken me from constant foot pain to no foot pain! Looking forward to another great class with you! -DH

I'm so glad that I attended. And so glad to have a substitute for my pain-producing hard foam roller! The MELT philosophy makes so much more sense. I very much enjoyed your training; it was well-paced with a nice mix of lecture and demo and practice, and an engaging introduction to the three focus areas. I especially appreciated your very generous time in answering individual questions afterwards. I feel like you know your material extremely well and are able to cherry-pick what to share as the main point as well as interesting tips as you go along. -JW

Great workshop yesterday. I am so glad I came! The true test was how I felt this morning. I feel great! I am sold.  -BK

What I was hoping to get from [a similar] workshop, I got from yours. When I practiced last night it was helpful that you were so thorough. I could hear your directions as I was practicing. -JA

The session was terrific!! There are no words to adequately tell you the difference it made I want to see how I feel tomorrow and then I plan to start a daily program. I told my husband about it and I am encouraging him to call you for a private session. -LH

I'm enjoying my roller & get up 15 mins earlier to MELT before leaving for work. -BM

You are an excellent instructor. It would be great to take another class from you. -VC

I can't wait to take my next session with you. My hips, flexors, and back all feel great! NO PAIN! Just what I need for balance ... -RF

I love melting. Thank you so much for your time and expertise! It’s a life changer. -JD

At the end of class, I was feeling much more energized - I think because I was a lot less aching. And although I didn’t sleep that great, I felt so much better when I got up this morning. Usually when I wake up, my hands feel puffy/swollen and achy. But they felt awesome this morning. And I noticed that I was standing a lot taller (and looser) when in the shower. -CW

You are a fabulous teacher. I followed you well and your passion shines through! My favorite line you said in class was something like… our bodies are maps of our stories and to have patience and love ourselves through the process of awareness and assessment. -LL

It was terrific! She taught us all about the MELT method for hands and feet for pain-free fascia work. It makes me so excited to apply it in my running. In fact, after just one workshop, I won my 5K race today - even beat all the men! Was it from MELT? It certainly helped! Thanks, Susan! - KW 

Thanks for your referrals. They are the best compliment!


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