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Whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance performance or someone simply looking to move and feel better, MELT is a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy, pain-free, and active lifestyle.
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Tailor a private, semi-private, or small group session just for you.

WellnessConnect Events
Events include wellness education, community connecting, and fun.
Hosted by the
Wellness Professionals Network

Move&Groove Dance
A free community dance party for every body. All are welcome and no dance experience needed.


MOVE&GROOVE Community Dance
Friday, January 5 at 6:30-8pm
Bellevue Family Y: 14230 Bel Red Road, Bellevue, WA

A free community dance party for every body. All are welcome and no dance experience needed. 
Sponsored by Wellness Professionals Network  Hosted by Bellevue Family Y •  DJ Tunes by Diana Ruiz

Through the universal languages of music and movement, we build connections, strengthen a sense of belonging for everyone, celebrate our richly diverse community, and have a great time together. Family-friendly and free to all. Join us!

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Class Shakti

Sunday, Jan 14 @ 1:00-4:15pm
Dreamclinic: 15436 Bel Red Road, Redmond, WA

Let’s get grounded into happy feet, MELT away tension and fear, and step into greater alignment and flow. Sound like an awesome experience? You bet!

Drop the to-do list and join us for an afternoon of de-stressing, re-aligning, and stepping into greater flow through movement medicine. Rebalance and de-stress with MELT Method techniques, then shift into flow using the 4 Fear Melters.

Susan Creighton will get us started with MELT Method techniques using a soft foam roller and little balls for the feet to release tension and stuck-stress, rebalance the nervous system, decompress joints, rehydrate from the inside-out, and step into greater physical alignment and ease of movement.

Laureli Shimayo is a Body Psychology coach, teacher and author. She will guide us through exercises to recognize subtle patterns with fear, anxiety and stress, and shift into flow using four Fear Melters. We’ll explore the 4 types of Fear and how they show up in your body: Fight, Flee, Freeze and Faint. You’ll realize your personal fear signature and then learn how to unwind from its grip with specific ways of moving your body with the 4 Fear Melters or Antidotes: Ooze, Sumo, Wiggle and Love Hold. By moving your body in these new ways, you’ll instantly shift, navigate through and around blocks, and increase your flow, resourcefulness, creativity, fulfillment and success.

Bring your toughest stressors, challenges and blocks; you’ll discover new solutions by the end of class.
Bonus: all moves are easy, fun, and feel great!

Investment: $77 (Earlybird $57 if registered by 12/14/17 using code MeltFlow) / Save your spot here

Subundance: MELT Roller and Balls

Stay-tuned for the next Intro Workshop, or schedule your own event!

MELT simply helps people move, perform, and feel better.

Using a soft foam roller and small balls for the feet, learn easy self-care techniques to release tension and stuck-stress, relieve aches and pain, decompress joints, and move with greater ease from head to toe. Sound awesome? You bet.

Whether you’re an athlete or someone simply looking to move with greater ease, MELT is complimentary to any wellness program, and a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Improve your body’s stability, mobility, balance, and fun-factor with MELT. Bonus: All moves feel great!

The Intro to MELT Workshop includes a mini foot treatment, mini hand treatment, and intro to roller techniques. 

Investment $40 / 2 hours

Equipment: Provided for class use, and available for optional purchase.
Wear: Participants will be on the floor on a mat, wearing socks or barefoot. Comfortable exercise wear recommended (layered tops, yoga pants or sweats).


Stay-tuned for the next MIY program, or request on at  your studio!

Want to move with greater ease and/or improve flexibility and stability in your yoga practice - and life?

Discover how MELT can transform your yoga poses as you experience more ease, flexibility and suppleness in your body and your practice. We'll explore yoga poses before and after MELT to compare and feel the difference in our bodies. 

Bonus #1: All moves feel awesome.
Bonus #2: This workshop is appropriate for those who are new to yoga.

Equipment: provided for class use and available for optional purchase (package discounts available)
Wear: Participants will be on the floor on a mat, wearing socks or barefoot. Comfortable exercise wear recommended (layered tops, yoga pants or sweats)

MELT for Runners


Stay-tuned for the next MFR workshop, or schedule your own event!

Whether you're a competitive runner, a weekend athlete, or just running your favorite dog, these easy self-care techniques are a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Using a soft foam roller and small balls for the feet, we’ll improve joint mobility, alignment, balance, and stability, and MELT away stuck-stress in the feet, calves, hamstrings, quads, and IT band.

Includes a MELT Foot Treatment (balls), Lower Body Lengthen/Rehydrate Sequences (roller), and a few extras. Happy, feet, back, thighs, calves, and hips = happy truckin!

Investment: $40 (2 hours)

Equipment: provided for class use and available for optional purchase (package discounts available)
Wear: Participants will be on the floor on a mat, wearing socks or barefoot. Comfortable exercise wear recommended (layered tops, yoga pants or sweats).

Subundance: MELT balls for hands

WORKSHOP: End The Desk Sentence with MELT
Stay-tuned for the next Hand & Foot Techniques Workshop, or schedule your own event!

MELT For Happy Hands and Feet! While these simple self-care techniques are applied locally to hands and feet, they affect fascial tension throughout the entire body.

Using  small balls of varying sizes and densities, you can learn how to improve balance and stability, decompress joints, and decrease neck, shoulder, and back tension. We’ll review both mini and full Hand and Foot Sequences, plus a few extras (bunion reducer band techniques and the MELT Facelift, which is also great for head congestion). If you have just a few minutes a day to help yourself move and feel better, this simple self-treatment is for you!

Participants will be seated at a table, wearing socks or barefoot. Equipment provided for class use and available for optional purchase.

MELT Drawbridge move on roller

WORKSHOP: MELT Beyond the Basics

Ready to expand your MELT practice to include more advanced-level moves? At this workshop, we’ll review select introductory Roller Techniques, introduce Beyond The Basics Roller Techniques, and include a few MELT Strength moves to correct compensatory patterns of movement. As we improve stability in the core and girdles (pelvis and shoulder), we repattern movement and muscle timing in the shoulders, hips, and core. We can then move with more ease, grace and flow.

Investment: $40 / Advance registration required / Must have prior MELT experience

> Stay-tuned for next Advanced-level Roller Techniques event

Equipment: provided for class use and available for optional purchase (package discounts available)
Wear: Participants will be on the floor on a mat, wearing socks or barefoot. Comfortable exercise wear recommended (layered tops, yoga pants or sweats)

Relax & Renew classroom with MELT Rollers

Relax & Renew

Stay-tuned for the next R&R event!

Drop the “to-do” list and join us for an afternoon of renewed senses, movement medicine, and total bliss. Sound awesome? You bet! Relax & Renew is an afternoon of mixed-modalities to awaken the senses, melt away tension/stress, move with greater ease, and relax into a state of calm connectedness.

Join us for this heavenly afternoon of necessary indulgences. Including:

 Aromatherapy makes good-scents! Setting the energy of the space with a custom-made essential oil blend for grounding and uplifting.

 MELT: I'll guide us through easy feel-good MELT techniques using a soft foam roller and small balls to release tension and stuck-stress while rebalancing the nervous system - and more.

 Unwind with GYROTONIC® Method and Yoga Narada™: Moving us with exercises to awaken the senses, stimulate the nervous system, and activate the body using breath.

 Bathe body, mind, and soul: Inviting us into a renewed state of connected bliss with a healing Beneficial Sound Gong Bath Meditation. Ahhh…

We are so excited to share this lasting, harmonious experience for all the senses, which is appropriate and awesome for all levels of ability. Please let us know if you have areas of special interest or concerns.

What to wear: Participants will be on the floor on a mat, wearing socks or barefoot. Wear comfy layers (yoga pants or sweats) and bring whatever you need to be relaxed for the meditation (blanket, pillow, water, etc.).


(Contact Susan to schedule your own private or group session!)

Presenting MELT at the following Puget Sound Venues:

Bellevue Club
Bellevue Family Y
Blue Heron Ranch 
Club Pilates  Redmond
CoreCorrector Shoreline
DanceWorks Studio
Discover Yoga
Evolve Yoga
Fitness Forward Studio  
King County Library Systems  
Sammamish, Issaquah, Renton
Merula Movement  Bellevue
PIVOT Studio Bellevue
Plateau Runner  Sammamish
Sammamish Community Y
Shakti Yoga 
Redmond, Bellevue
Snoqualmie Valley Y
Studio Beju  
Studio 1010  
The Dance Space  
Two Rivers Yoga  

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MELTastic! Here’s what folks are saying about my MELT Sessions:

The before and after assessments were so eye opening! I saw and felt concrete changes in my posture, circulation, and energy. Susan is not only a highly skilled practitioner, she's a passionate teacher who clearly values empowering others with information and skills. Fortunately, I'm not someone with chronic issues, but I do feel the effects of stress and all the time I spend at the computer. The MELT method not only provided immediate results, but it gave me new ways to listen to my body. I learned a ton and I look forward to more MELTing at home! -DL

At the end of class, I was feeling much more energized - I think because I was a lot less aching. And although I didn’t sleep that great, I felt so much better when I got up this morning. Usually when I wake up, my hands feel puffy/swollen and achy. But they felt awesome this morning. And I noticed that I was standing a lot taller (and looser) when in the shower. -CW

This was the best hour and a half that I have spent in a long time. Susan is well informed, professional and very enthusiastic about teaching the MELT Method Intro to Hand and Foot Techniques. Her class presentation was energized, well organized and her sense of humor made for an awesome event. I am looking forward to taking her MELT Roller class! -DL

I do the foot exercises from time to time and it has helped to strengthen and release the muscles in my feet which immensely helped my yoga practice-MT

I took the hand and foot workshop with you a few weeks ago, and my feet have not hurt since then! I've been practicing the MELT techniques every other day since the class. It's hard to believe that has taken me from constant foot pain to no foot pain! Looking forward to another great class with you! -DH

I'm so glad that I attended. And so glad to have a substitute for my pain-producing hard foam roller! The MELT philosophy makes so much more sense. I very much enjoyed your training; it was well-paced with a nice mix of lecture and demo and practice, and an engaging introduction to the three focus areas. I especially appreciated your very generous time in answering individual questions afterwards. I feel like you know your material extremely well and are able to cherry-pick what to share as the main point as well as interesting tips as you go along. -JW

Great workshop yesterday. I am so glad I came! The true test was how I felt this morning. I feel great! I am sold.  -BK

It was terrific! She taught us all about the MELT method for hands and feet for pain-free fascia work. It makes me so excited to apply it in my running. In fact, after just one workshop, I won my 5K race today - even beat all the men! Was it from MELT? It certainly helped! Thanks, Susan! -KW

What I was hoping to get from [a similar] workshop, I got from yours. When I practiced last night it was helpful that you were so thorough. I could hear your directions as I was practicing. -JA

The session was terrific!! There are no words to adequately tell you the difference it made I want to see how I feel tomorrow and then I plan to start a daily program. I told my husband about it and I am encouraging him to call you for a private session. -LH

I'm enjoying my roller & get up 15 mins earlier to MELT before leaving for work. -BM

You are an excellent instructor. It would be great to take another class from you. -VC

I can't wait to take my next session with you. My hips, flexors, and back all feel great! NO PAIN! Just what I need for balance ... -RF

I love melting. Thank you so much for your time and expertise! It’s a life changer. -JD

You are a fabulous teacher. I followed you well and your passion shines through! My favorite line you said in class was something like… our bodies are maps of our stories and to have patience and love ourselves through the process of awareness and assessment. -LL

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