Cedar Sanctuary


Cedar Sanctuary is an Eastside Seattle oasis featuring wellness classes, workshops, and mini-retreats to rejuvenate body, soul, and spirit.

Imagine a self-care day of nourishing options offered by practitioners from the Wellness Professionals Network:

Acupuncture: The Jun 25 Facial Rejuvenation program was fantastic! Stay-tuned for our next event, or contact Joie Jacala at Zenjoy Wellness.
Cooking Demos
East Asian Medicine
Energy Alchemy & Healing
Foundations of Spiritual Wellness
Goddess Programs

Medical Constellations
MELT Method: Restorative Rolling programs updated regularly. Check schedule here or contact Susan Creighton: susan333@live.com / 425.298.6428
Neurosomatic Attunement
Sound Bath Therapy:
August 26 at 7-8pm. Stay-tuned for details!
Women’s Wellness

Custom design your special gathering including one or more modalities. Then enjoy a cuppa, sit by a fire (inside/out), find a reading spot in the woods or an inside nook, bask in an indoor infrared sauna with therapeutic lights, indulge your footsies in an aromatic foot bath, your whole body in a massage chair, or submerge yourself in the outdoors hot tub. All that, and no travel hassle. Aaaaaah...

DId I mention that we will also host Art-ins featuring local artists and musicians? How cool is that?

> Contact Susan Creighton to schedule your wellness afternoon or party with friends: 
susan333@live.com / 425.298.6428

More info/pics coming soon.

Dakota Totem Pole
Yoga/MELT Studio
Meditation Studio
Foot Baths
Cedar Sanctuary Meditation Room
Bodywork Studio
Cedar Sanctuary Incense
Cedar Sanctuary Ravine
Cedar Sanctuary Buddha
Cedar Sanctuary Peace

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